Against all odds

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 9.54.27 PM

(the photo is me – tired and jet-legged on Borneo, in March 2008).

The goddess of logistics and traveling arrangements was clearly acting out today. Maybe she was suffering from the Cyber Tuesday buyer’s remorse syndrome? Or was it a panic attack reaction to the   never-ending European recession?

The first e-mail in the morning I read was informing me that a company from Munich selling fitness equipment could not tell me their final delivery price  for the Life Fitness Ergometer, because they were not able to estimate the amount of custom duties… Turned out – they mixed up Luxembourg with Lichtenstein and were trying to find out  whether  Lichtenstein  is a member of the EU (it isn’t L) and what would be the custom’s duties there (it’s irrelevant J).

The next e-mail from  was informing me that my order could not be delivered, because the delivery address I indicated  did not exist. This is what the Post of Luxembourg told fulfillment. Never mind that the delivery address is actually the Headquarters of Amazon EU operations and I had  at least 200 parcels successfully delivered to this address over the last 2 years (thank you, my employee discount!!!!)

During the day I had to reschedule 3 business trips, because the rooms were not available or the business partners were double-booked, and at the end of the day a parcel from Shopbop with my dearest  Pashli bag  was rescheduled for tomorrow’s delivery.

All this is minor and will pass, I know. But during a day like this I felt powerless and wasting my time. I had two options:

  • come home earlier,  have a glass of red wine and unwind.
  • work just a little bit harder and smarter and try to accomplish at least something today.

You know what I did? I did come home earlier. Then I did level 3 of the Jillian Michaels – Killer Buns and Thighs [DVD]  exercise. I had a glass of red. An now I am going to work just a little bit harder on a status  update for one of my projects. It’s never as bad as it looks J

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3 Responses to Against all odds

  1. Yesterday was a bit weird for me as well, both Amazon and Outnet both refused to recognise me as a registered used, had to register all over again 😦
    But as a compensation I got 2 DVF dresses on sale

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are advanced Bridget Jones (and other famous women together)! I like this style of writing. (I am your reader for 5 years))).

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