How I visited Amazon fulfillment center

I was lucky to finally  visit one of our fulfillment centers in Germany – during the busiest week of the whole year!


(trying to be helpful)

A lot happening right now, but it looks like there is nobody around. Just conveyers and stalls.

L1020894 L1020893

I am impressed – an enormous warehouse full of toys, books, and other “presents-to-be”, super-well organized and managed. It was a long trip, with many conversations, a lot to take in.

Leaving late, tired, but happy. About 2 years ago I interviewed for this job and it’s amazing how it still feels like I just started and there is so much to learn.


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6 Responses to How I visited Amazon fulfillment center

  1. notolya says:

    Funny to see the “same” photo as yours on a Canadian news site:

    Thank you for sharing the insight into your work – much like Inna’s blog it is always fascinating to read about the unique logistics of large scale global companies.

  2. KC says:

    Oh I see. I have walked around your Blog, where tiny pleasures from normal life in Europe can be felt and seen even though I could not come to there…
    I’d love to trip various countries in Europe talking to people there …

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