“The President’s Hat” – an absolute must read!

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This hilarious book makes for a perfect holiday read, it’s smart, insightful, light  and very entertaining.  A hat of the French President François Mitterrand is stolen, it travels around France, changing heads and the lives of people who own it.  It has a magical gift of empowering people and bringing good luck. A pathetic accountant is promoted to become the branch director, an amateur writer breaks free from her married lover and wins a literary contest, an aging aristocrat finds a new passion in art collecting, and a depressed perfumer invents a masterpiece of fragrances.

You need to know at least a little bit about French lifestyle and habits to enjoy the author’s irony. It’s all in the details  –  French obsession with culinary  and food presentation,  duality of hating and respecting  social hierarchies… The hat is also very symbolic, it represents higher status,   an attempt to look different, something you wear to go out and stand for yourself.  Last but not least – the story is a great snapshot of the 1980th :  how Canal +   and answering machines are a novelty and some parents are still debating  the sin of television and  La Grande Arche de la Défense is still under construction.

In French – Le chapeau de Mitterrand

In English – The President’s Hat

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One Response to “The President’s Hat” – an absolute must read!

  1. That reminds me the days back in high school when our teacher of English language was asking us to write first-person life story essays as if we were an old shoe or а keyhole and etc. That was a funny and quite effective practice to boost the creativity and fantasy.

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