Weekend movies


Last Friday afternoon I was supposed to attend a meeting with the school administration, get back home, finish up a few reports, answer a few e-mails, change and go to the biggest corporate party of the year. I came home, finished my reports … and decided not to go. Instead of cocktails, burgers, canapés and loud music I finished the day with grilled swordfish, Artforum and  “La vie d’Adèle” (Blau ist eine warme Farbe – La vie d’Adèle (Kapitel 1 & 2). As far as I am concerned, after 35 parties and shoes should be one-of-a-kind, special and exquisite.

No matter how many contemporary art exhibitions I visited in the recent past, the movie confirmed that I am still a little prudish moralist. It’s a charming love story about falling in love with someone from another planet where you don’t belong, trying hard to be a part of their world and then retrieving to your own safe grounds. There are people who eat oysters and who eat pasta and there are people ready to take risks and people who need security, sometimes it’s possible to grow into another world of those you love and sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s actually very funny that the drama happens in the classroom or on the schoolyard or in museums (not in bedroom). I loved the movie, because it’s about how everyone defines in which world do they want to live and how much they are ready to change and what’s their ambition horizon. It’ s a very French movie in a sense that everything is complex and artistic and everything is a part of the broader “culture”: how you eat, what do you read, how you fight, who your friends are. I just don’t see how explicit sex scenes make it a better story.


Yesterday I watched Borgen (Borgen – Gefährliche Seilschaften, Die komplette erste Staffel [3 DVDs])  – a 3rd season of the Danish political series about a former Danish Prime Minister. I liked the new Brigitte. After quitting Prime Minister job she’s spent a few years in private business,  now she is slim, courageous and aspirational, she wears denim and fancy shoes, she has a boyfriend,  lives in a lofty apartment and enjoys life.  And she wants back into politics.  As before, every series is about an important political dilemma, that Europe faced in the recent past: austerity measures, tightening of immigration laws, legalizing prostitution, spying scandals, political integrity and forced coalitions.  It’s just the right balance of clichés and provocation. You need some clichés in a story (a work affair, divorced parents, breast cancer battle) so that the viewers can relate to something they know. At the same time you need a dose of controversy, forcing your viewers to take sides and form opinions on vital political issues. Borgen does this just brilliantly.

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4 Responses to Weekend movies

  1. I love Borgen. I watched first 2 series with russian translation and after you post found only danish version of the 3rd season with english subtitles. Quite a challenge!

  2. vappu says:

    It was only yesterday that we discussed La vie d*Adele at our French class. I wonder how one manages to spend 3 hours watching it at home?

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