Romantic post Valentine’s


The phone rang when I was almost out of the office door off to the airport, on my way to Madrid:

– Hi, this is Diana’s teacher.  Just so you know – she has a fever, shall we give her Perdolan? And, please don’t forget to bring an African theme costume for the carnival on Friday.

-Yes, thanks.  (*&^%^*@#$%^*)  Deep breath.


To: Andrey

When: Tuesday

Subject: Diana

Diana has fever and needs an African costume by Friday. Probably animal or something.


To: Yana

When: Thursday

Subject:  Re Diana

She is sick at home. Got Monkey costume. Probably she won’t need it.


This is my third time in Madrid and, again, I left it feeling nostalgic.  I definitely should come here again, not for work, just on my own and spend some quality time. Not rushing.

Valentine’s day: arriving after midnight, unpacking, checking Diana’s fever (positive), falling asleep exhausted. Nothing romantic.  But close to midnight I suddenly got 7(!!!!) boxes of Belgian chocolate and a rose. I do not think I’ve ever gotten this many boxes of chocolate. Just perfect. I happen to have the best husband ever.


Every time I schedule my Saturday beauty appointment before noon, I  feel like a hero.  Maybe a soldier coming from war happily doing dishes or making breakfast the next morning.  Like it‘s nothing. Or maybe a like a superwoman, sleeping 5 hours a day the whole week, multitasking, having hard conversations, but  ready to do what’s important – facials and manicures.

Met a former boss on the street.  He hired me, he trained me to stay positive no matter what, he taught me how survive differences, he supported me through my EMBA and even helped me negotiate a better salary when I was leaving Arcelor. All bosses who hired me were actually great.   Those who inherited me were less so.  Except for one miserable hectic rat, all other heirs of me might have been great too. The only issue is they did not have a chance to choose me, I never really  had an option to  choose them, and I think it plays a role. That’s why I am super happy that my newest boss offered me to think about a new role within the team. It’s almost like starting fresh and making a mutual commitment.

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  1. I keep admiring your family and your way of handling things!

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