What Bayern Munchen and I have in common

It’s been a few weeks and a few continents of vain search for the perfect bag. The “it” bag had to be:

  • light and elegant
  • able to fit a laptop, 2 iPhones, 2 sunglass cases, a wallet, an occasional lunch box and possibly an umbrella
  • a fashion statement, but
  • not LV, Burberry, Prada or any other label abundantly present on Orchard road or Bond street, subtly alluding or directly giving away my shallow taste of Russian origin
  • easy maintenance with no special professional cleaning ever required
  • equally good with jeans, dresses, Prada loafers or Burberry trench (I never said consistency was my strong suit).

Is it too much to ask?

Anyway, I found it, though we haven’t met yet. It was a blind date kindly arranged by Net-a-porte, and hopefully we are going to like each other in person next Monday!

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 13.27.03

This week I learned that I didn’t get something I wanted. I sort of expected it, but when it actually happens, it’s still hard to digest. The good news, it’s not terminal, and highly probable I’ll get it later. Everybody says that those moments, as strange as it sounds, are character-defining. It’s how fast and how determined you get up and carry on. I told myself, I was going to be bitter and resentful and pitiful for one evening and then I was going to let it go. Coincidentally, on that very evening of scheduled self-pity (I was in Munich), Bayern München lost to Real Madrid 4:0. They were the League champions and they lost in Munich on their home turf.

Actually, that’s one of the reasons I love German football – they are so unpredictable and vulnerable and fragile – when you watch them, you really need to worry – because they play like adorable toddlers learning to run. It’s amazing how a team could be so well organized and so unstable at the same time. Bayern played really badly that day, no doubt, but I was still captivated and very supportive. “Next time, you are going to be better next time. You have what it takes and there are plenty of victories under your belt. It’s just one game.” Probably I meant both of us. And instantly it felt so much better.

Speaking of organized. Normally, I would be called an organized person, because I don’t lose things, I don’t forget appointments and I am rarely late. I’ve never lost documents or missed a plane, I love lists and schedules. But I also very much live in a moment of spontaneity. For instance, I had my tickets for the Scorpions concert in Munich, but when I learned about Bayern playing that evening, I left the concert just in time to see the football game. I missed a good half of my Luxembourgish language classes (partially because of work, but partially because I just didn’t feel like it on that day). I stay away from organized religion and organized politics. I never know what is the next book I am going to read or if I am going to the party tonight or cancel last minute. And I am still not sure, maybe I need yet another bag.

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7 Responses to What Bayern Munchen and I have in common

  1. Lipo says:

    > my shallow taste of Russian origin

    damn. Russians are often very self-deprecating, to the point of being even ashamed, trying to distance themselves form everything russian and trying copying and mimicking everything western (*cough* moscow *cough*, seriously some people in there are like parrots, it’s amusing and sad). And that is what i would call shallow.

    • Yana says:

      I would not call Russians self-depreciating. To me, “Russian look” is a a derivative of 2 extremes:
      ” trying to look Western” which is indeed sometimes copying and mimicking style icons, sometimes choosing practical or comfortable or ever-lasting items; sometimes just trying not to wear what everyone else is wearing; and oftentimes it manifests in dressing too old or too young. This poor correlation with age and occasion is the surest sign for me when I spot Russians in European crowd.
      “trying to look successful and rich” – which is everything around labels, lace, glitz, high heels, short skirts, etc.

  2. Dumbld says:

    You ever saw NBA basketball? it is my favourite sports game, it is just so aesthetically pleasing and graceful and exciting

    • Yana says:

      I have watched a few episodes, but I don’t know the rules and don’t know the names, so it was a bit boring. Maybe one day

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice bag! So what’s the brand? 🙂

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