Dilemmas and social networks

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According to my American friends and colleagues, customer-focused mentality or a decent customer service are nowhere to be found in Luxembourg. Said Americans usually claim that restaurant service  here is incredibly slow, doctor’s appointments take forever to schedule and when you arrive you still have to wait, shops close too early, insurance agents and bank managers don’t explain anything and often ill-mannered, and when you are ordering pizza or flowers by phone and need a little alteration to their standard package (e.g. please no paprika in my pizza), the person of the other side on the line is more than likely to hang up on you. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. I guess, it’s a matter of where you are coming from. After 2 weeks in Singapore, indeed, waiters in Luxembourg restaurants look inattentive and lazy.

Last week we decided to change an internet provider. As it happens, despite both, old and new, providers promised a smooth and easy transition, P&T cut us off too early and the other one isn’t yet ready. And as always, it’s nobody’s fault. You can obviously complain and pressure them all you want, but more likely than not, you’d still need to wait. Everybody is going to be very nice and totally useless. The only correct respond (after you’ve complained and pressured) is to relax and bless Steve Job’s and 3G personal hot-spot technology. I could still check my e-mails, Bloglovin’ and Facebook, but hours of Net-a-Porte browsing or movie streaming are out of the question for now.

Under such insufferable circumstances traditional media, namely Eurovision contest on TV, The Social Network DVD (fabulous interpretation of the Facebook story, by the way) and a The Husband’s Secret book got my full and undivided attention. It’s all about moral or social dilemmas.

I liked the song of Austria and I agree with the German reviewer who mentioned that Europe was more tolerant than we all thought. Yes, it’s controversial, but it’s fare. And I hate hypocrisy. It’s good that we are beyond boycotting or manipulating jury or altering votes or creating some stupid administrative barriers. It would have been nicer if Holland won, because it’ the country of my alma mater and I also liked their song and I’d probably go there in 2015 to see the final. (My third favorite was Hungary).

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The Husband’s Secret is  a great book, chick-lit but a “serious” kind. Liane Moriarty is an Australian writer and it’s the first  of her books I read, definitely not the last. This novel is about moral dilemmas of housewives. No, not garden parties or school picnics, more like “would you tell the police if your husband killed someone” or “do I forget  and forgive  or hurt him more”. I am not a housewife myself, never was, never will be… But the book is just so well written, sometimes you wonder, what if? What if I had to 100% depend on someone and find a way to express myself somewhere between organizing kids’ parties and charity events, and compromise and hide my true feelings for the sake of domestic piece? How would it feel to be insecure and scared that you might lose someone and have nowhere to go and have no friends of your own and no means to support yourself if something bad happens. It’s like Desperate Housewives, the story that takes your mind off completely and keeps you passionately involved.

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3 Responses to Dilemmas and social networks

  1. Anton says:

    Яна, здравствуйте! Меня зовут Антон. Я хотел бы задать вам вопрос по поводу обучения в Финляндии: я поступил в три университета и затрудняюсь решить, в какой мне ехать учиться. Неудобно оставлять здесь стену из текста; может быть, можно написать вам, например, на почту?

    P.S. Я думаю, что вам должен понравиться фильм “Thank You for Smoking”: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0427944/ Кино про лоббиста, который занимается улучшением публичного имиджа Большого Табака в условиях давления со стороны организаций здравоохранения и правительства, ну и по пути придумывает новые тактики для повышения продаж сигарет и нормализации курения в обществе. Фильм легкий и, по моему мнению, неглупый 🙂

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