Germany without tourist traps – between Koblenz and Trier

5 things to do in the Mosel Valley


1. You can start at the German corner in Koblenz, just because it is an easy landmark. Walk 5 minutes to the most wonderful German restaurant I have ever been to. It does not matter what you order, all dishes look and taste amazing. Make sure you ask for local Riesling (could be either dry, semi-dry or sparkling).

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.49.36

2. Drive slowly to the south along the river Mosel. This area has the highest imaginable concentration of old castles and fortresses. I liked Marienburg and Cochem castle, but you can stop whenever you feel like another glass of Riesling and there is a good chance that some castle is just around the corner.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 19.51.47

3. Relax at the Vulkaneifel Spa in Bad Bertrich. It is open almost every day, except for Christmas and a few maintenance days a year. The water comes from a local thermal spring, there are several inside and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, body treatments and a very nice restaurant. Alternatively you can visit Mosel Spa,it is smaller, less fancy, more family oriented. Vulkaneifel is  for visitors, Mosel Spa is 100% local. Either way, you are going to feel very relaxed after your visit, perhaps, there is something in the water. Probably Riesling, but they won’t tell.

4. Take a boat cruise and enjoy the views of Mosel (not the one for 200 Euro that you book a year in advance, but rather the one for 10 Euro where they sell the tickets right before departure from a local kiosk). Anything between 2 and 4 hours. I like the area between Zell and Alf, where Mosel takes a u-turn.


They sell Riesling on board (in case you had any doubts).

5. Visit one of the most successful vineyards in the area – Sekthaus St. Laurentius, take a tour or just buy their sparkling wine. Their wines are very popular and have won many awards. You could also order online.

In the unlikely event you meet Chinese or American tourists along your journey, it would be because they either got lost (Riesling, again) or read my blog (no comments). Act accordingly.

P.S. They are not good at all with credit cards over there around Mosel. Have some cash handy.

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2 Responses to Germany without tourist traps – between Koblenz and Trier

  1. too much riesling for driving 🙂

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