Count your blessings

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Human mind is tricky. If you don’t control it, it acts out, plays games and tests your limits and tries to control you instead. Sometimes your own brain acts like your worst enemy.

This week was actually a good week. The weather was great, I got some good business news, I met wonderful people at the of Geek Girls Carrots meet-up, had lunch with a friend I haven’t seen for several weeks, and I bought some absolutely stunning stuff at net-a-porte on sale. I had no objective reasons to complain.

But I felt cranky. I was worried about delayed e-mails and postponed meetings, a lost invoice I need to recover, rescheduled (for one day) parcel delivery and renting a car in Italy.

They say you should count your blessings. Well, they’ve got a point, because the flipside of forgetting your blessings is focusing on your little misfortunes and minor hiccups and other insignificant hindrances. I decided to write a list with my blessings and count them every time my brain is getting obsessed with something it really shouldn’t. I think, it helps.

  • It’s a blessing to live and study in Finland, Germany, Holland and Luxembourg: these countries formed my mindset, my perceptions about justice, quality of life, living standards, my political opinions. It’s a privilege to live in Europe. (It doesn’t mean I approve these countries personal tax rates).
  • I’m very-very healthy, I do not have any chronic conditions, never had any surgeries or serious injuries. (Liposuction at the age of 23 doesn’t count). Health gives us freedom to focus on whatever we want. Not everyone is that lucky.
  • My family is great, maybe a bit unconventional, but everyone is exceptionally smart, talented, loyal and very supportive of other’s choices. (Even I finally came to terms with Pavel’s year in Hong Kong instead of Harvard). I literally get it easy all the time, never had to make  serious sacrifices, refuse a job, forgo a dream or compromise an important goal.
  • I am exceptionally lucky with tests and exams. Learning is fast and easy. I was very fortunate to get accepted by Helsinki University and RSM at the right time, and I passed CPA exam and AML compliance certification without any previous practical experience in the field. (I failed the oral part of the Luxembourgish test, by the way, but given my attendance and late arrival records, I shouldn’t be complaining, seriously).
  • I can write and structure my writing. Any kind of writing – creative, academic or business, and it’s easy. It’s a handy skill. Without any special education I wrote a book and got it published. The whole experience helped me understand how to handle popularity and define what I want and don’t want.
  • I am glad to be so driven and ambitious, because I do not depend on others for encouragement. (There are some disadvantages of having ambitions, like other people’s jealousy, but it’s a small price to pay).
  • I worked with very bright and successful people, and they took their time to mentor me and share their expertise. I learned from the best. And keep learning.
  • I never had any problems with public speaking, it’s easy for me to reach out to people, network or ask for advice. I’m not scared of making the first steps. It is a big competitive advantage.
  • I have access to great experts – be it tax advisors, lawyers, coaches or dermatologists, when I need them. (Renovation companies is a totally different story).
  • My friends motivate and inspire me all the time. Like-minded people are precious, because I never feel lonely.
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2 Responses to Count your blessings

  1. lucidsunrise says:

    It’s nice to know that you came to terms with my year in Hong-Kong….in your blog. 😛

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