Countdown to November depression


Somebody, maybe not a complete idiot, once said that a way to relax was to switch gears or change an activity. Which could make sense if they were tired of reading books and  took up painting instead, I suppose. As to me, I was over-musti-tasked, sleep-deprived, reasonably confused navigating my new workplace, taking private lessons to prepare for the Luxemburguish  language test next week, teaching a workshop, preparing another one, interviewing  candidates for housekeeper… So, in order not to panic, I decided to spend a weekend in Paris, where my aspirations encompassed two major art exhibitions, Rain ballet by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Tosca,  shopping quest for the perfect shoe-boots, lunch at a famous Le Nemrod referred to by David Lebovitz, all within 36 hours. A cherry on the top – Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl read on the train (which i could not really put down late at night either, against by best judgement). The outcome in same old me, overly-stimulated, hyper-active, still sleep-deprived, slightly nervous, never-mind  in a possession of yet another pair of footwear, planning trips to Chicago, Istanbul and Dublin…  I will tell you all about it shortly, especially about Lena’s book (the only reason I purchased it it was to be prepared to hate it, but i actually liked it a lot)… feel free to just enjoy the pictures.

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