Christmas gift turned project



While leading politicians are in Saudi Arabia  greeting the new king (and probably delivering their personal thanks for cheap oil, why else would they all rush there in the middle of Davos Forum or Indian trip?) we have finally assembled Diana’s  Xmas present. It looks incredibly solid and child-resistant.

Santa bought it before Charlie Habdo attack, but  now it’s something symbolic.  This year started on a turbulent note – radicalism, violence in Ukraine, EU/US bans on doing business in Crimea, Greeks threatening to leave the EU, announced EBAY/PayPal layoffs. The problem with these issues is that whatever solution you choose, it won’t be popular.  One of my new year resolution is to think about how to be more politically active.

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One Response to Christmas gift turned project

  1. lucidsunrise says:

    You want a good piece of advice? Don’t be more politically active. X) It implies knowing stuff that makes you sad permanently.

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