Eurovision songs and turning down the offers

German-speaking internet exploded with speculations, after Andreas Kümmert who won the popularity votes and was supposed to represent Germany at the Eurovision song contest in Vienna turned the offer down. He said, he was not in the right shape to do this, because he was a “small singer” and he therefore was passing his title on to Ann Sophie, who was a “better fit and well qualified for the job”.

Andreas is an undoubtedly talented singer, but he was probably right eluding to the fact that groomed, polished and composed Ann Sophie was better equipped to deal with the limelights and pressures of tough competition.

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Some people twitted it was a shame that Andreas did not want to sing for Germany, betraying all  those supporters who send paid-for sms to vote for him, and it was highly unprofessional of him and his team to enter the competition if he was not planning on winning. Others say it’s better that he stepped down now as opposed to having a panic attack on the stage in Vienna. A few even suggested that he should lose weight and work on his image to stay in the industry.

It’s quite possible that the music industry would write off Andreas as unreliable and he is never going to receive a serious next offer. There is a good chance that Eurovision experience would’ve done nothing good for him, whether he won or not. It’s also possible that he is going to hire a coach, build confidence, write new songs and come out of this story stronger than ever.

After staying with Amazon for slightly over two years I was offered a few roles within the company. None was perfect, every option came with strings and uncertainties, but every role could’ve grown into something bigger. I investigated them all and accepted a role with a team that offered more new contacts, better learnings and a higher degree of autonomy. I worked hard, learned fast and felt happy, then PayPal offer came in, and I left the company in a couple of months. Surprisingly, everyone understood my choice and wished me well, because Amazon’s culture has very deep entrepreneurial roots. When you are at Amazon, you are supposed to experiment and move fast and you are much more likely to be criticized for playing safe and being afraid to make a mistake. Sometimes I miss Amazon dearly, but I know I did the right thing leaving, because the experience I gained in the last 5 months with PayPal is priceless and the potential I see ahead is just breathtaking.

I think it was absolutely the right thing for Andreas to compete even if he was not ready to win. The audience was disappointed and there is a reputational price to pay, but he wouldn’t  know his limits until he tried. I know it from experience – nothing happens, until you take some risks, try and fail and try again something new.

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1 Response to Eurovision songs and turning down the offers

  1. Anna says:

    I think some people will understand him that he did (tried to do) what is better for Germany. He will take what is his later. It’s long term things.

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