What’s wrong with Claire?

I cannot stop thinking about Claire in thr 3rd season of the House of Cards. I undestand why she’d want to be the UN ambassador, but it’s hard to comprehend why  she consistently sabotages her work? She just can’t keep it together, saying all the wrong things to the wrong people in the worst possible moments. Then she does a great job as a First Lady, and the better she does, the more needy and confused she becomes. she is too cool and accomplished for a mid-life crisis. Is it envy? Does she want the office for herself?  If yes, why can’t she keep her mouth shut and do a good job in the UN?  

This is actually very human to second guess and reflect, no doubts, but when the stakes are that high, it does not look like a convincing storyline… any theories?

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14 Responses to What’s wrong with Claire?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Zavist’ k muju, kotoruyu trudno kontrolirovat’. She is a strong personality and could be a strong rival for Frank, if they compete on equal ground. But she is number 2 and will always be just “wife.. ” for others. Not being able to show ur real power. Maybe that’s what distrubs her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    one important thing seemed to be missing, her UN mission was time-limited and over, also that his decisions to fail it

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it was well planned to take over Frank’s power as a back up plan in 2016. Sort of Hilary’s way. Any PR is a good PR.

    • Yana says:

      Totally agree about PR. Not sure about 2016 plans, she kind of undermined herself, and I can’t see why. I feel a bit disappointed of her.

  4. lucidsunrise says:

    I finished watching the season last night. ^^ I would say, Claire as a character is lacking the proper experience and composure to deal with UN (which is why she blew the opportunity she had). She is also progressively getting tired of Frank ignoring her advice and sidelining her in decisionmaking.

  5. Cl says:

    Writers of House of Cards wanted some drama, so they put it in. More drama ensues in the future season.

    I disliked writing in this season. The whole Doug line was boring and overstretched. Remy and Jackie relationship, i didn’t care for that as well. bleh

    • Yana says:

      I did not get this whole Gavin thing, but Doug was actually good, I liked the family theme and obsession to get back to play. And I definitely liked how Jacky was transitioning

  6. Galya says:

    I thought her main problem was from conflict of roles she experienced. She took it upon herself to be a leader, couch and a commander to Frank at home. It’s her who decides where their family is heading and Frank only too happy to follow her lead. He even goes as far as crying on her shoulder, which I don’t think many men would allow themselves and which can be somewhat tough for a woman to take, but she commands him to take a hold of himself if a very masculine way.
    When she decided to become an ambassador, she didn’t exactly realize she would have to subordinate herself to him after he appoints her (she does demand her appointment without any compromises and he obliges). She does try to act in public as if he is the leader, but she doesn’t think so and it shows in situations where she takes charge. In my opinion, this is exactly why she doesn’t hesitate to express herself in Moscow, without checking herself to see how it affects Frank’s plans.
    Later as the First Lady, she really tries to keep it together and subordinate herself, pushing down the hurt and her bruised ego. But the only way (subconsciously) to reinforce her importance and to pay back is by pulling out in the most crucial moment, otherwise no one would care or notice.

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