Long weekends are made for experiments

My  long-awaited experiment  with DYI at home peeling has been a success! It took me a while to read all the instructions and warnings and finally make the right mix, but  I am super happy with the outcome –  glorious, fresh looking skin, exactly  as if I had a salon treatment, but no need to make an appointment 2 months in advance.

Fruchtsäurepeeling 70%, 0,5 pH, Profiheimbehandlung Sofort-Starter-Set – I would not say it’s  very easy to use, but maybe it shouldn’t be, because it is still a professional treatment. I am all for  day spas and detox weekends and  curing  personal anxieties with the high dosage of  salon relaxation and hairdresser talks, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time when you need it most and just easy to do it at home. As NNT tells us, it’s all about having options. I’have had approximately 10 salon peelings, which does not make me an expert, but I definitely know what to expect,  let’s assume my beautician competences are fine for one client only. Fully agree with glorious Amazon reviews!




My other experiment  was to watch all 21 episodes of  Madam Secretary


and it’s just great!  Something is going in my professional life, it positive and exciting, but requires long waiting times, which I hate.  Madam Secretary literally took my mind off all those  unanswered questions and put things into perspective. Glad I found it – definitely better than the Good Wife and almost as good as Suits and the House of Cards!




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  1. top says:

    What are your top tv shows of all time?

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