My May digest

I expected May to be an easy-breezy slow motion, embellished by several extra days of bank holidays (which I am eternally grateful for without going into the details of what we are actually celebrating). Plus, April was crazy and I deserved a break.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.55.24

Eurovision and long weekend in Stockholm followed by a romantic getaway in Paris with excessive shopping at Le Bon Marche, wine testing and Andrey’s birthday celebration in a Medieval Castle … Sounds like a dream time?

Sort of. Because at the same time I was planning house renovations, interviewing ten different contractors and comparing their offers, arranging interviews with schools in Zug, talking to moving companies and managing a couple of work-related emergencies.

All I want to do now (after waking up at 7 a.m., going for a 5 km run and responding to 20+ work emails) is to say “Just Let Me Lie Down” for a few hours to finish this funniest-ever book and watch EURO2016#.

Here are a few important addresses (discovered by Yelp):

Perfect Sunday branch place in the very centre of Paris (sophisticated tapas bar with excellent atmosphere)

Travelling around Frankfurt-Hahn Airport or just somewhere between Trier and Frankfurt need a decent lunch break? Stop at the Landhaus St. Urban for a little break and enjoy the view!

The Castle from the pictures is here

And some beautiful wine-tasting locations nearby (all reachable within 30-40 min drive from one another, but you would need a designated driver 🙂

Schoss Vollrads

Kloster Eberbach

Schloss Johannisberg

Next week will be all about football and Art Basel!

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3 Responses to My May digest

  1. Anonymous says:

    Vollrads produces the best german riesling what I know

  2. jennanyar says:

    Are you moving to Switzerland?

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