Bad Moms


I watched Bad Moms and I think it sends the wrong message.

It’s a nice nobody-is-perfect story and has lots of really funny moments. My favorite was the reaction to frittata and homework done – “and who are you?”

I was probably smiling the whole 90 minutes of it, but then felt a bit disappointed. We all have learned all about “make your partner a real partner” and that “the art of having it all is not doing it all”. Not knowing how to ask men and kids to do their fair share was a pressing issue probably a decade ago, before dads slowly but surely began to attend school meetings and birthday parties, make doctor’s appointments and take paternity leaves.

The issue of Amy is a different kind – desire to be absolutely perfect and attain impossibly high standards and feeling guilty for not doing it. And the answer of the story “just ask your men and kids to help out” isn’t really addressing it. Or did I miss something?

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