Summer 2017 resolutions

I always had this feeling that summers are special. You have more energy, days are longer, and there are more lucky stars in the skies. Which means I can do more and accomplish more – double productive and double accomplished thanks to going with the fortunate currents.

Another thing about summer (probably a carry-over from the school days) is an assumption that during summer I am determined (and allowed) to do more “for myself”. In the past it meant reading the books that I wanted to read (forget the studies!!!), sleeping longer, developing good habits, having time to finish something meaningful and be proud.

Summer nights atmosphere has a special magic of being uninterrupted. The earth graciously stops just for you. No need to rush. The time freezes and you watch the entire 5th season of the House of Cards without having to worry about waking up tomorrow at 5 am or going to the airport. All other seasons (weather, not House of Cards, but maybe both) could be intense or smart or provoking or whatever, but they are still circumstantial and conditional and contingent and full of noise, and only the summer gives you a choice of slowing down and deciding what is that that you really want to do. Christmas has a little bit of similar slowing down trend, but at that point I often have no energy left and the Xmas break is usually too short.

I thought it would be a nice idea to have a list of summer 2017 resolutions.

  1. Get into the habit of making my own fresh juice every day with our new Angel slow juicer that’s just arrived!
  2. Revitalize the blog.
  3. Write 2 new professional articles a month.
  4. Better prepare for networking events and conferences, schedule more meetings in advance, research the speakers.
  5. Become more active with Zurich blockchain community.
  6. Swim in the lake (try at least once)
  7. Prepare for TEDx
  8. Find remarkable but rare holiday spot and go there.
  9. Celebrate something small every day.
  10. Hook Diana up to reading.
  11. Try Korean skincare products.
  12. Go to Milan for a few days and really get to know the city (it’s just 3 hours away!!!!). If it comes packaged with new Marni or Oscar de la Renta dresses, so be it.



What’s on your summer to-do list?

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3 Responses to Summer 2017 resolutions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Impressive list!

  2. fdtki says:

    Hi! This time is a bit different for Sydney since here starts winter. I would say that people don’t have special feelings because of the warmer season start because all year round temperature is above zero and most of the trees stay green. Probably the only two big differences between summer and other seasons are outdoor activities available (more beaches/leisure in warmer part and more hiking/sport in colder part) and public holidays. Everything else is the same all year around, as far as I’m aware about life of Australians. All days a nearly the same – that’s what all Australia about 😉

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