Madrid, Lone Survivor, etc

I am never sure if I like summer or if I like all seasons. Every time seasons are changing, I am extremely happy and exited to see the first snow or the first flowers or the first yellow leaves on the ground, but when the summer arrives, I am just always happy.


It was so good to be in Madrid and mingle with other startups. There is something amazing in the startups air. I stopped at one of the booths to talk with a former physicist (is this the right name for a scientist who studied physics or did I get it wrong?) and he mentioned that in physics  chaos is a good thing, because it is a sum of all possible potentials and it means that everything is possible and all possible outcomes already exist. His business model of mixing coins and real estate is amazing too! Then he gave me a wonderful idea for an article which I am writing this weekend. My next conversation with a fellow consultant revealed useful tips on how to get discounts for conferences and networking events. Another conversation opened up very exciting business opportunity. Then I was just making a simple comment about what is passportable and what is not in terms of financial services, and someone else had their Eureka moment – apparently I answered a question they urgently needed an answer for. It’s funny how the world gets smaller – I met people who heard of me and worked with my former colleagues and then I was suddenly introduced to someone I wanted to meet for the last 2 years!!!! If you are interested to learn more about my key takeaways from MoneyConf, I posted it here.

Friends and readers from banking and wealth management – I will be speaking at this event in Geneva to some of your colleagues. I do have some ideas about what I want to talk about obviously, but is there something in your area that is currently super hip and hot and everyone wants to know more about it? If so – please, let me know!!!


I am reading Lone Survivor these days. It’s a Navy Seal story with many-many dilemmas. To me, it’s a story about where we are responsible and where our responsibilities stop. Obviously, when someone is in the middle of a combat and survives and someone else is killed, it’s taking the question of “what I am really responsible for” to a total extreme. I often have a tendency to take over responsibility and try to control too many things, assuming it’s all on me and if things don’t go well, it’s all going to be my fault. Recently I had to re-set the boundaries and force myself to say “this is not my problem” on several occasions and you won’t believe how good it felt!!!! This is probably why I like so much following this book story and making parallels.

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