How was your summer?

Now, when it’s suddenly +16 and rains outside, people  began talking about summer in the past tense. Hopefully, it’s not over, but nevertheless – here is my status update on what’s going on with my summer 2017 resolutions:

  • Get into the habit of making my own fresh juice every day with our new Angel slow juicer that’s just arrived! – Checked and actually  for some mornings it feels better than coffee 
  • Revitalize the blog. – Could be better, i’m working on it (literally!!!)
  • Write 2 new professional articles a month. – checked, often exceeded!
  • Better prepare for networking events and conferences, schedule more meetings in advance, research the speakers. – It got interesting, actually, because i am now often invited as a speaker or a panellist, so i do have to prepare, but it’s  not the same. Anyway,  never underestimate the power of networking. Technically, this point is on hold.

  • Become more active with Zurich blockchain community. – Exceeded by far. Every week now I meet a few startups or organizations to discuss how to collaborate.

  • Swim in the lake (try at least once) – Exceeded and really liked it.
  • Prepare for TEDx – Applied, fingers crossed.
  • Find remarkable but rare holiday spot and go there. – Corfu, Copenhagen, London. All quite spontaneous, but happy.
  • Celebrate something small every day. – Repurposed. At some point in late May I had a bit of a disappointment, which was obvious to anyone, that it was coming, but I just couldn’t give up. I was trying to save the situation, turn it around and think positive, but at the end it did not work, simply because it couldn’t. I decided thereafter not to force myself into doing things that I  don’t enjoy and  do only things that feel happy and come naturally, at least during the summer. Then I went to Madrid for MoneyConf and everything changed on the spot:  met the right people at the right times, went to see friends at their new home near Geneva and heard the story about Richard Branson that I did not know about, and now I literally smile every day. Miracles happen.
  • Hook Diana up to reading. Outsourced.
  • Try Korean skincare products. Checked, but not really impressed.
  • Go to Milan for a few days and really get to know the city (it’s just 3 hours away!!!!). If it comes packaged with new Marni or Oscar de la Renta dresses, so be it. Postponed till September (for Milan) and checked (for dresses).

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