Thank you, 2017!

The pre-Xmas week was symbolic of 2017: out of nowhere, I went Malta

with (practically) strangers for a couple of days. Yet another promising opportunity. The project is still under brainstorming and those strangers turned out to be incredibly smart, sharp and fun to work with.  I’m probably going to plagiarize their motto – “we don’t work with people we don’t like”.

Then Liechtenstein came calling for a few meetings that were actually planned and highly anticipated. Again, we talked business, made important decisions, formed alliances, and it felt like I could be friends with everyone I met there: great professionals, smart, very knowledgeable, open to listen and learn, ready to take charge and lead, when needed. They say yes when it’s a yes, and no when it’s a no. Life is so simple!

Opportunities keep pouring. Remember the song from Mary Poppins (the musical) – “Anything can happen if you let it”. (This qualifies as a song of the year).

This was the big thing for me this year – “letting things happen” (as opposed to frantically planning, controlling and preparing for all sorts of eventualities).

Here is my 2017 gratitude list.

Books of the year – Mindy Kaling Why Not Me? Marcus Luttrell Lone Survivor  Yuval Noah Harari Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow and Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankindand Don ThompsonThe Supermodel and the Brillo Box.

Most favorite office place – the TenX Tower in Singapore

Most favorite shopping  and fun destination – Paris

Biggest achievement of the year – happened on December 15th and must keep quiet for now, but stay tuned 🙂

Best conference of the year – MoneyConf in Madrid

Holidays of the year – Seychelles

The brand of the year – Zug Crypto Valley

Movie of the year 29+1

Country of the year –  Switzerland. I think I really like it here now and want to stay.

Inspiration of the year – my dearest friend M. who is the most responsible, loyal and hard working person I know, and she told me “it’s the risk worth taking”.

New things tried – swimming in the lake (the ultimate cool thing to do), scooter (it was fun), wall climbing (never again), recording compliance related videos for v-log (still trying).

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