Parenting and Project Management

I recently attended 2 very special and very beautiful events: Pavel’s graduation ceremony and friends’ wedding. To me, both occasions are  similar  in a sense that everyone is supposed to be happy, drink Champagne,  celebrate important accomplishments and  liberation.

Like, there is no way I am going to be  feeling deprived or somehow abandoned when kids go to college or at any of their weddings (provided, they invite me, which is obviously a big open question 😉 ), because I never thought about any of them as my “property”. The days when your  livelihood  would depend on your kids continuing family business or producing heirs are mostly over, and there are no guarantees that we can actually control our children.

It’s my strong belief that parenting is a form of a project, and every project manager would tell you that a project must have an initiating date, a closing date, several milestones, and the end goal. So, a parenting project that ends with a wedding or a graduation ceremony (not necessarily in that order) is generally a win for everyone.

Have you ever thought about parenting as a project in a sense that the role of a parent is to take their child from  point zero to point one (defined as a mix of economic self-sufficiency, profession, moral compass, some level of social competence …) in the most efficient and rational  way?

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5 Responses to Parenting and Project Management

  1. Maria says:

    Partly:) because if you manage project you can stop doing you job when you don’t like it, but it doesn’t work when we speak about parenting;)

  2. Ekaterina Steklyannikova says:

    Yes, sure. I have a very similar attitude to the parenting. End goal is a young happy well-educated adult who can go his own way. Our goal is to stay interesting for adult children and not to force them to come for weekend dinner.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Never thought about it any other way. So far, this approach suited both myself and my partner well.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do not think that Parenting is similar to Project Management. When Project is completed, you usually do not look back or return to the same Project, it is done and over. With kids, it is different but I see what you are saying, however I would rephrase it and suggest Parenting is ongoing project – Project Manager will be there when kids need you:)

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