My nickname comes from  “The Forsyte Saga”. I have always admired Fleur, because she  never  stops, she is ambitious, headstrong, impatient and incredibly smart.

I was born in the North-West of Russia and  used to dream of becoming a literary critic  to be paid for reading books and writing about them.  But I am a 100% pragmatist, hence –  ended up getting an economic degree from Helsinki University,  completing  all 4 CPA exams in one sitting, and moving to Germany in 2005.

I  love everything structured, so Germany was practically perfect in every way. However, the grass in always greener somewhere else, so  in 2008 I moved to Luxembourg to work for one of the most amazing  and complicated companies in the world – ArcelorMittal. I saw it at its best – after the merger,  when steel prices were skyrocketing  and everyone expected China to grow forever. Then  I  saw it after the crisis hit – closing down factories, laying off people and struggling to keep the spirit up.

I got  an executive MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, traveling for 2 years between Rotterdam and Luxembourg every second weekend, keeping a full time job and…  carrying a baby Diana along the way.

2012 was spectacular: I  joined Amazon European Headquarters in Luxembourg,  our  son Pavel got into the school of his dreams,  Sciences Po, Anna, our eldest daughter  finished her primary school and was admitted to one of the most prestigious high schools in the country – Athénée de Luxembourg.  And I published my first book “Finance-Romance”.

I joined  PayPal  in 2014 and began teaching university students.

It’s still day one and  something amazing  is just around the corner (stay tuned 🙂 )

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One Response to About

  1. Ирина says:

    Яна, когда нужно найти ответы на карьерные вопросы, открываю Вашу книгу и нахожу. Когда нужно найти ответ на вопрос, зачем мне вообще карьера, читаю блог и опять нахожу. Спасибо за “путевой лист” и вдохновение!

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