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Complacency trap

2016 has been a weird year. A lot of wonderful things happened, but all this time I had a feeling like I could not really talk about anything important … at least not publicly. Or not at all. As if … Continue reading

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Polarized world

I think the first time I personally noticed this polarizing trend was in 2014, shortly after Crimea annexation and definitely after the crash of the plane in Eastern Ukraine. People felt they could not stay neutral anymore, and it was … Continue reading

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I have not really thought about it…

This is why holidays, new countries, extensive reading and spontaneous conversations with strangers are so good! Here are a few things/facts/theories/suggestions I am happy to share: About hotels During days and weeks spent in hotels, I have tipped maids, room … Continue reading

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Start-up Nation of Israel

Just finished the Start-up Nation by Dan Senor, Saul Singer. I would say it’s an Israeli XXI century version of Max Weber with his The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism meets Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder by NNT … Continue reading

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Girl on the train

Finally, I finished it and it felt awkward. Almost sickening, in fact. How could anyone compare this miserable story to “Gone girl”? The only reason I finished this book (apart from natural stubbornness) was my genuine desire to understand what … Continue reading

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The Circle or your right to privacy

I am not easily impressed. Some people even call me demanding and judgmental. That’s why when I am saying that The Circle is a mind-blowing eye-opening and life-changing book, you’d now it’s for real 🙂 You have probably heard that the … Continue reading

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House of Cards season 3

Just finished the 3rd season of House of cards. Wow. I probably need to start over (slowly this time) to really absorb everything. It’s amazing how often all characters are pushed to their limits – quit under pressure, say something … Continue reading

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