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Polarized world

I think the first time I personally noticed this polarizing trend was in 2014, shortly after Crimea annexation and definitely after the crash of the plane in Eastern Ukraine. People felt they could not stay neutral anymore, and it was … Continue reading

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Hong Kong & Art Basel

Hong Kong looked and felt a lot more like China and less like Singapore. Good or bad. Entertainment, restaurants and taxis are very affordable, but it’s no longer a shopping paradise (unless you are 145 cm tall, size XXXXXS and … Continue reading

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Countdown to November depression

Somebody, maybe not a complete idiot, once said that a way to relax was to switch gears or change an activity. Which could make sense if they were tired of reading books and  took up painting instead, I suppose. As … Continue reading

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The power of plenty

Last 10 days embraced Paris with Beyonce and Jay Z concert, Centre Pompidou and Martial Raysse retrospective, a career advice book written by former Amazonian female colleague Now What Do I Say?: Practical Workplace Advice for Younger Women, meeting with … Continue reading

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Turning the tables

It’s been busy and empty at the same time. You know the feeling, when you have to do zillions of urgent things and you have to do them well and right now, but it’s just your duty, little errands, tax … Continue reading

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Frankfurt – Schirn – Lang Lang – Rheingau – Riesling – Starbucks

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I woke up and painted my toes red

One upon a time there was a rainy Saturday morning in Luxembourg. I woke up impatient, looked at the window, grabbed the nearby magazine, and painted my toes red. Felt so much better! It was a weird week. I volunteered … Continue reading

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