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Option B

I read Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy because Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant wrote it and I loved both Originals and Lean In. I am still processing some of the thoughts, but in general, even without experiencing … Continue reading

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All the light we cannot see

Just finished All the Light We Cannot See: a story of un-seen connection and dependencies between a young German soldier and a blind French girl during the WWII. This story was hugely popular during the divisive, violent and intolerant 2016. … Continue reading

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Veggies and goat cheese omelet

Good morning, Luxembourg! This is my go-to weekend omelet, takes just 5 minutes and tastes great. You need: 1/5  zucchini (or 2 champignons) 4 slices of leek (1/4 of shallot or any kind of onion would do) 5-6 cherry tomatoes … Continue reading

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