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Lucky vs non-lucky 

It’s a very fine line, apparently. My flight today to Copenhagen was delayed for 2 hours today, so Swiss issued lunch vouchers for all passengers. I was feeling very annoyed, obviously, and did not like the kinds of food in … Continue reading

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Fear as motivation, Kim and Beyonce

What keeps you going? What motivates you? What helps you get through bad days, disappointments, unfair decisions or missed opportunities? I here these questions often and it’s not so easy to answer, because it’s not even conscious, it’s like a … Continue reading

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Count your blessings

Human mind is tricky. If you don’t control it, it acts out, plays games and tests your limits and tries to control you instead. Sometimes your own brain acts like your worst enemy. This week was actually a good week. … Continue reading

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Attention, Popularity and dealing with it

Everyone is talking about Beyonce and   how unconventionally she released  this new video album. If you a not  “in-the know” – here is what happened. Unlike with traditional releases,  there were no sneak previews, no special viewings for critics, no … Continue reading

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