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Option B

I read Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy because Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant wrote it and I loved both Originals and Lean In. I am still processing some of the thoughts, but in general, even without experiencing … Continue reading

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How does it feel to be an entrepreneur?

It’s been probably the 5 shortest months in my life. I try to remember events of the last weekend and it feels like a year ago, because of so many things happening in between. Just today I thought that someone … Continue reading

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Bad Moms

I watched Bad Moms and I think it sends the wrong message. It’s a nice nobody-is-perfect story and has lots of really funny moments. My favorite was the reaction to frittata and homework done – “and who are you?” I … Continue reading

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A letter from Russia

I received a letter two years ago from one of my book readers in Russia (translated below). Recently I was asked about it again, by a different reader, who felt that I was possibly too quick and even brutal to … Continue reading

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Multifaceted life

Have you noticed, how often people introduce themselves with multiple roles in seemingly unrelated professions. As far as my memory goes, it started with Madonna as a film producer/songwriter/singer/actress/designer/adoption trendsetter. The movement was successfully picked up by Donald Trump as … Continue reading

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New office, Gone girl and Satya Nadella

This week felt like a battle against gravity, weather, traffic and all imaginable other natural forces – rain, viruses, delayed meetings, husband out of town, forgotten appointments… Just one of those weeks, when you keep saying that this too will … Continue reading

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Hiring Millennials is a very confusing process. Managing them is even harder.

In the last 12 months I phone-screened and interviewed about  50 millennials  from all over the world and  looked at over 200 of their resumes. The vast majority of them were very well educated, engaged into numerous extra curricular activities, … Continue reading

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