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House of Cards season 3

Just finished the 3rd season of House of cards. Wow. I probably need to start over (slowly this time) to really absorb everything. It’s amazing how often all characters are pushed to their limits – quit under pressure, say something … Continue reading

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Gone girl: marriage role models

I loved Gone Girl movie and I loved the book even better. Some people may say that the main character, Amy, is insidious bitch or vindictive liar, or both. She checks all imaginable boxes of male insecurities: better educated, makes … Continue reading

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Lessons from Frank Underwood: how to handle being passed over for a promotion

I love House of Cards, I practically worship it – because it is symbolic on so many levels. And it’s a great source of bold career advice. Let’s follow what Frank Underwood did when he didn’t get his promotion. Accept … Continue reading

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Dilemmas and social networks

According to my American friends and colleagues, customer-focused mentality or a decent customer service are nowhere to be found in Luxembourg. Said Americans usually claim that restaurant service  here is incredibly slow, doctor’s appointments take forever to schedule and when … Continue reading

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About people from dark corners and House of Cards

Watching the second season of  the “House of cards” is quite an experience.  It’s intense, dark, personal and intellectually stimulating political drama, and I found it better than any kind of leadership training. Frank Underwood, a former Congressman becoms the … Continue reading

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Weekend movies

Last Friday afternoon I was supposed to attend a meeting with the school administration, get back home, finish up a few reports, answer a few e-mails, change and go to the biggest corporate party of the year. I came home, … Continue reading

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