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Complacency trap

2016 has been a weird year. A lot of wonderful things happened, but all this time I had a feeling like I could not really talk about anything important … at least not publicly. Or not at all. As if … Continue reading

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Polarized world

I think the first time I personally noticed this polarizing trend was in 2014, shortly after Crimea annexation and definitely after the crash of the plane in Eastern Ukraine. People felt they could not stay neutral anymore, and it was … Continue reading

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The Circle or your right to privacy

I am not easily impressed. Some people even call me demanding and judgmental. That’s why when I am saying that The Circle is a mind-blowing eye-opening and life-changing book, you’d now it’s for real 🙂 You have probably heard that the … Continue reading

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Family histories

Astrid (or grandma Asya, as we all knew her) was born in eastern Finland in mid-20th into a large family of Swedish origin. In the beginning of 1930s, in a desperate attempt to escape the famine and post-civil war depression, … Continue reading

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Family debating society

As soon as I got back home yesterday from my little Dusseldorf city break and inquired most recent updates on the plane crash in Ukraine, the floor in our living room was open for political debates lasting well after midnight. … Continue reading

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Back to Europe

Last week in Seattle was one of the most eye-opening and enlightening experiences ever. I am heading back home practically a converted socialist and Euro-enthusiast (I would rather live in Europe without Mr. Cameron than without the EU, positive). After … Continue reading

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Rich dad, poor dad

This book is just amazing. I may not agree with all the conclusions, but I admire a mixture of economic models accompanied by illustrations from Jane Austen, Balzac, Titanic and Dirty Sexy Money. I LOVE provocative fusion and unexpected resemblances … Continue reading

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