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Everyone around me says that 2016 was crazy, wicked and exhausting. Many people ended that year in places they never expected. So many friends felt beyond tired and did not even have the energy to celebrate. My Facebook is full … Continue reading

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FinTe.ch (à la Swiss)

It was  a great networking event, full of pleasant surprises  and completely unexpected angles. In my mind, FinTech meant “Tech going  Finance” (Venmo, Square, Klarna, Travelersbox, G2A Pay), but a lot of  people I met last  Friday represented completely opposite … Continue reading

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Why some countries call themselves “small”?

I have recently realized that Swiss people say “we are a very small country”. Which is obviously very funny to hear, when you come from Luxembourg. The only other nation that I remember casually and convincingly using this expression is Israel. In … Continue reading

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Polarized world

I think the first time I personally noticed this polarizing trend was in 2014, shortly after Crimea annexation and definitely after the crash of the plane in Eastern Ukraine. People felt they could not stay neutral anymore, and it was … Continue reading

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About inertia

Moving to a new country (yet again) made me realize the power of inertia and how many things in life we do on auto-pilot. Friends and guests often told me that our house was “spacious” (when we did not know … Continue reading

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