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My new morning ritual

I am finally feeling settled in in our new home. June was literally crazy:  Singapore for a few days, twice in London, twice in Luxembourg, Pavel’s graduation in Paris, Art Basel, two short trips to Vaduz, moving houses, football fever … Continue reading

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Requests-overloaded trap

  With ever-expanding activities I am often finding myself in a situation that I call “requests – overload trap”. What it means is that I receive multiple messages, emails, slack and telegram notifications, all asking for immediate help. Most of … Continue reading

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Option B

I read Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy because Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant wrote it and I loved both Originals and Lean In. I am still processing some of the thoughts, but in general, even without experiencing … Continue reading

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Saint Nicolas visited us this morning

  Saint Nicolas visited some of us this morning. (Thank you ever so much for driving all over across the city  in the middle of shopping rush hour jam to make it happen). I absolutely adore Xmas time in all … Continue reading

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Two households and working from home: pros and cons.

It’s been about two months since A. moved to Switzerland. At about the same time I took over our Moscow team, which meant more calls, more virtual relationships, longer hours and more working from home (aka WFH). Pros Cons Home … Continue reading

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Why work-life balance is dead?

Ok, maybe not dead yet, but so early millennium, out of touch with reality and, frankly, beside the point. (me, on a business trip in 2008, somewhere near electric furnace) Why? Because if you are still thinking in terms of … Continue reading

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